Thursday, September 07, 2006

Can We Try To Take Opinion Out Of It?

Let's see if we can agree on some facts.

1- Mark Green took PAC money while he was in Washington from entities not registered in Wisconsin. (We agree?)

2- Mark Green wants that money to be used in his race for Governor. (That's pretty clear as well?)

3- The State Elections Boardis a legally constituted arm of Wisconsin government. (Whatever your opinion of its make-up, you can agree that it is made up in exactly the way the law calls for it, right?)

4- The Assembly and Senate have done nothing to change the make-up of the SEB or to substitute another body to uphold standards. (Nada. Bupkus. We agree?)

5- Mark Green says that $500,000 of out of state money is more important to him than following a legally issued order to return it and he will either ignore or fight that order to keep it. (He doesn't really have a plan to deal with that either. Damn, I was doing so good until then. Just ignore the snark.)

1 comment:

elliot said...

And partisanship had nothing to do with it?

Seriously, even the Journal Sentinel editorial board said the board's decision was political BS.

You might like the outcome, but I'll respect you a little less if you really think there was nothing wrong with the way the board acted.