Friday, September 29, 2006

A Quick Poll

What's your favorite line from this story?

1) The older man, a 56-year-old Japanese national, then sat in a seat beside a jockey in his 20s, from Louisville, Ky.,

2) Federal agents questioned two airline passengers Wednesday after a dispute that began when a man sprayed the person sitting next to him with perfume,

3) Before the flight, the older man left his assigned seat and laid down in the aisle.

4) He also asked for a glass of water and poured it on his head,

5) The older man) thought it (the iPod) was not going to be good for the plane ... with all the rules on electronics

1 comment:

slammer said...

#2 here, what is an elderly MAN doing with a bottle of perfume, I guess the jockey smelt like horses#(