Monday, September 18, 2006

She Hasn't Figured It Out Yet

In Jessica McBride's live blog of the debate she offers this advice to Mark Green.
On the other hand, my advice to Mark Green for future "forums": Talk less about
generalities and more about specifics. The presentation was heavy on anecdote
and not as heavy on specifics. If I was an average Joe, I would distill that
Green wants a tougher property tax freeze, but I'd be less sure where he will
cut spending.

If she had been paying attention for the last 90 days she would have known that Green has no specifics. He's made his pie-in-the-sky $1 billion spending promises. He's told the road-builders that he'd be there for them. He's delivered for the realtors but he has no plans to give cuts to McBride's "Average Joe."

If Mark Green had any compassion for the working families of Wisconsin, if he had any conception of the burden that his Congressional voting has placed on them, if Congressman Green had a scintilla of empathy for "The Average Joe" he could never have voted the way he has in Washington.

Mark Green has no specifics to offer, Jess. A lot of people have seen that for months. You need to get used to that.

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