Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Happy Circumstance Endorses...

Lest the suspense build for too long.

In the 8oth Assembly District we have two candidates in the Democrat primary race.

One has experience in business and governance. She served and led in City Hall for four terms, two as Mayor. She knows how budgets and coalitions are built. She led Evansville through several major projects and kept the uproar to the minimum. Having run for the office once before has given her the chance to get to know the 80th and what the people stand for.

The other candidate comes to us with a lack of experience at least, a puffed resume at best, and poor judgment at worst. Wally is earnest but untried, a luxury we can't afford.

Janis Ringhand will work tirelessly for the people of the 80th and the people of Wisconsin as she did for Evansville. I'll be voting for her on Tuesday.


Mark Schnepper said...

I can't support Janis, because I don't really trust her integrity.
From what I have seen she either has a really low standard of ethics or incredibly poor judgement in a best case scenario.

I witnessed her serving as Mayor of Evansville, go into a back room during a plan commission meeting with a group of developers who were deciding whether to pull their project and make changes or allow the commission to vote on their project with the risk of not being able to bring it back before the commission for 12 months if it failed. In my opinion, any person involved in that vote (especially the deciding vote of the mayor) should not have been in closed door discussion with those developers. If she wasn't involved with the discussion and just observing, she should have never left the room with the developers to give the appearance of offering advice.

Anonymous said...

Well from reading these comments it would appear that Brett Davis has a pretty good shot of maintaining his seat.