Friday, September 01, 2006

First Endorsement- Lazy Rooster Edition

They tell about the rooster that was so lazy he'd wait until the rooster on the next farm crowed and then just shake his head. THC endorses Peg Lautenschlager for AG in the primary on 9/12 but I'm willing to let Richard list the reasons.

He's done it so well. Read for yourself.
Back in 2002, Peg already had the best resume of any candidate for the
office. A Phi Beta Kappa college graduate with double honors, she started out as
a private attorney and subsequently served on the faculty of UW Law School, as
district attorney for Winnebago County, in the Wisconsin Legislature, and as US
attorney for western Wisconsin. Now, after 4 years of actual on-the-job
experience, nobody else even comes close to her qualifications.

1 comment:

Walton said...

While I can't say I will "endorse" her, I will likely put the "x" next to her name.

"nobody else even comes close to her qualifications."

Unfortunately that is more of a statement against her competition than it is a testament to her abilities.

The one bright spot for me is that she and Doyle are not friends and she won't be a same-party rubber stamp -- which is one of the biggest risks in a State AG.