Monday, September 25, 2006

The Cheney/Green Ticket Is Bad For Wisconsin

Mark Green hasn't shown much sensitivity to how voters might feel about his actions. He and his campaign are doing everything they can to keep the "Washington Money" story alive. Every day they come up with some new tone deaf story about why they shouldn't be held to account for money raised outside Wisconsin campaign law. (I know it was raised legally under Federal law. Whether you believe the transfer was flawed or not, you have to agree that he could not have raised that money if he wasn't sucking on the K-Street teat.)

Now he and John Gard are doing everything they can to make sure that when we read our morning paper we are sure to tie them to the sinking administration in Washington. Today Dick Cheney is coming to Milwaukee to thump the tub and make rain fall on the GOP candidates campaigns.

Green's votes last week to support torture and to disenfranchise American citizens show his unwillingness to distance himself from the extremity of his party. Pictures with Shotgun Dick will only cement the relationship in people's minds.


elliot said...

I think Cheney is a bad move, too.

Which is why NPR is playing it up so much.

However, you should be careful about emphasizing the "out-of-state" money thing.

If I remember correctly, Doyle's been getting plenty of money from folks who don't have a Wisconsin address.

Anonymous said...

Well, no, your memory fails you. Doyle's money is all from within the state.

He certainly knew better than to do what Green did, bringing in illegal out-of-state money, since Doyle's campaign in 2002 argued against his opponent doing exactly what Green did in 2005 -- ignoring a factor in the interim called the McCain-Feingold campaign reform law that now makes it illegal to do what Green did.

It's just that there was this federal law passed in 2002 that so in 2003.

Facts. Reality. Laws and rules. Pesky li'l thangs, ain'a?

Anonymous said...

Anon what the hell do you mean all in state money.

I espically like Thomas Acevedo Old Lyme, CT Mohegan Tribe. Why the hell would an indian tribe contribute to Jinm Doyle???