Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15 Blocks From Wrigley Field

From the Gazette:

The cougar spotted near Milton might be dead.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials hope to compare DNA from a cougar shot Monday by police on Chicago’s North Side to DNA from a cougar spotted northeast of Milton in January.

Chicago police said an officer shot and killed a 150-pound cougar
in an alley after several residents reported seeing the cat, which was more than
5 feet long.

There. In Chicago. I'll think twice before I complain about a possum in the trashcans again.


Fair Play said...

Did they have to kill him? What a sad picture to look at...

(P.S. Is there a trick to entering comments...this will be my third try...wish me luck)

grumps said...

It is sad but given the neighborhood and the urgency I doubt they could have waited.

As to your PS... I've made a change that may make it easier to comment. I hope it will be permanent.

Welcome and Thank You

slammer said...

Foiled again! My plan to eliminate one Carlos Zambrano will come again.

Seriously though miles around that area is filled with houses, busy highways, bums, hookers, dealers how the hell can a 5 foot Cougar make it that deep into Chicago.