Tuesday, April 01, 2008

If I Promise That The Ads Will Go Away For 10 Weeks, Will You Go Out And Vote?

A very earnest woman called and left a message Saturday while we were out. I don't remember the exact words but she promised something along the lines of that if we voted for the smarmy judge from up north he'd promise to stop biting heads of chickens at the Burnett County Fair (after his contract was up in September) and that he double-pinky-swore to start telling the truth, maybe, sometime later.

The best part, though was when she said that our Sheriff, Scott McElroy, was endorsing the lying judge from up north. Number one, because Scott is our Police Chief and, B, because our Sheriff, Bob Spoden has endorsed Louis Butler for Supreme Court Justice.

So, here we were in the last weekend of the campaign with accusations and allegations swirling all around the candidate who supports cutting the safety net under the working mean and women of Wisconsin and his handlers still couldn't bring themselves to make sure that their script was telling the truth.

Please, I beg of you, do the right thing today. Go out and vote for Louis Butler for Supreme Court Justice. Let's not settle for a lesser candidate again.

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