Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guess The Number Game

I'll steal a page from Fred.

Guess the significance of this number.


Updated: If you go to the campaign websites of Flyin' Jim Sensenbrenner, Rock Star Paulie Ryan and State Sen. Alberta Darling and search the homepages and bios you see the word "Republican" three times, every one of those in a news release. Only the independently wealthy, world-travelling Sensenbrenner is so bold as to proudly identify himself as a Republican prominently on his website.

This ain't for "gotchas." I didn't scour every page of their websites for references to party affiliation but there are those who think it odd that a candidate would downplay their party affiliation in a campaign. It's not unusual.

In 2006 Tom Reynolds of New York was in charge of recruiting Republican candidates to run for the House of Representatives. His own campaign website didn't bother to tell his constituents which party could call him a member.

Get over yourselves, kids. Go outside and play. This whole "He doesn't tell people what he is," farrago is simply silliness.


Real Debate said...

$3, the amount of my royalty check for stealing my schtick?

Anonymous said...

The number of liberals it takes to screw in a lightbulb?

grumps said...

Sorry, Fred

If I were to pay based on page views I wouldn't owe $3 for all the posts I've mentioned you in.

You'll like this one, though.

BTW, Anon. That's close to funny but you'd need to add, One to do the work, one to pour a nice white wine and one to outsmart the whole AssemblyGOP.

capper said...

How far Bush can count until he needs help?

The number of Americans that still think the economy is going good?

The number of people that noticed Sykes was gone for over a week?

The number of gallons of gas one can buy after winning the lottery?

grumps said...

All good guesses, Kids. See the update for the twist at the end.