Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"This is not science."

Those are the words of Dr. Paul F. Schuster, an hydrologist with the US Geological Survey and one of the people named on the so-called list of 500 scientists cited by The Heartland Institute in an attempt to cast doubts on climate change research. Dr Schuster goes on to say:
They have taken our ice core research in Wyoming and twisted it to meet
their own agenda. This is not science."
But surely, you scoff, one small mistake on a list of 500 does little to refute it.
Please remove my name IMMEDIATELY from the following article and from the
list which misrepresents my research."
Those are the words of Dr. Mary Alice Coffroth, of the Department of Geology at SUNY Buffalo. Add to that the words of Peter F. Almasi, a PhD Candidate in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Columbia University:
Just because you document natural climate variability doesn't mean
anthropogenic global warming is not a threat. In fact I would venture that most
on that list believe a natural cycle and anthropogenic change combined represent
a greater threat."

The deniers love to cite the most rabid, the most passionate proponents of a man-made climate change theory or to misrepresent the words of more moderate researchers. Somewhere out there in the middle is the truth.

We are affecting the climate of our planet. The failure of the agriculture system in Australia is a clear example of man's, often well-intentioned, intervention. We have had a negative impact. We can have a positive one. We just need to move beyond denial to acceptance. Hell, even Flyin' Jim Sensenbrenner admits there's a problem. Now we need to start working together on solutions. Oh yeah, and stop lying about what somebody else's research.

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