Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Junk Science At A Theater Near You

"Masterson, I had you in my big-time book. Now I suppose I'll have to
reclassify you — under
shills and decoys".
-Lt Branigan; Guys and Dolls

I used to think that Ben Stein was something a little bit special, a political thinker who had a sense of humor about himself and about life. But now he's hooked up with the cold-fusion, flat-earth junk science crowd for Expelled.

The main point of his new movie seems to be that somehow "Big Science" has conspired to keep out ideas because they are afraid of them. The website for the movie doesn't really argue for the validity of any of these "rebellious" scientific thoughts but only that they must be true because people are trying to keep them out of classrooms throughout the USA.

It seems that not only is there bad science in Stein's new movie there's more than a bit of bad scholarship. It looks as if they lifted some of their animations from other sources without attribution.

Ben Stein says no one can shut him up. He'll be really embarrassed if he ever figures out that no one is trying to silence him and that when he speaks he can only make himself look bad. Shutting him up would be a kindness.

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