Thursday, April 03, 2008

Excuuuuuse Me!

I spit my soup last night. (Campbell's Spicy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Not as good as I wanted it to be.) I was reading the Gazette's Editorial Page and there it was:
Partisanship raises concerns in local politics
A problem is developing in local politics.

Partisanship probably has been around as long as the Rock County Labor
Coalition, which has been endorsing candidates for years.

But partisanship seemed to play a bigger role in Tuesday’s Rock County
elections than ever before. It has gone beyond mere endorsements of candidates. Now, it involves encouraging candidates to seek office and then backing them in an attempt to influence nonpartisan municipal, school and county boards.

So what? If they’re encouraging and supporting quality candidates,
what’s the problem? There are several.

First, local unions, led by United Auto Workers Local 95, provide an
experienced and savvy political machine. When a candidate gets union support, members might help erect signs, write letters, make phone calls or even offer campaign money. That puts Average Joe Candidate at a disadvantage.

Second, union-backed candidates who win could enter office beholden to
the union and its agenda, rather than constituents in general and the greater good of the community.

So. Here we are on the day after the election and The Gazette has found that there are partisans participating in non-partisan elections. (They weren't the only ones. Some idiot over at Fred's place thought it might be unconstitutional for teachers to vote on school referenda and wanted The New Supremes [Now with 17% more dunderheads] to look into it)

Why would I spit good soup over this, though?

It's because the editorial was over the masthead of The Gazette and the name of Publisher, Sidney Bliss. The very same Sidney Bliss who sits on the board of WMC and who, presumably, supports the actions of that body.

I'm sorry, Sid. (May I call you Sid?) You have no standing to decry the partisan actions of anyone until you take care of that line on your CV. I know that belonging to WMC is a good way to troll for advertisers and build those relationships that lead to good billing weeks. Fine.

But where do you get off saying (or paying someone to say) that anyone is unfairly using non-partisan politics to further an agenda when you sit on the board of an organization which has raised meddling to an art form.

Deal with that beam in your own eye, Sid. Then we can have a chat about the mote in Mike Sheridan's.


Real Debate said...

Sid has just come to an understanding.

The left does a much better job of recruiting and supporting candidates at the local level. (And when I say much better, it is pretty much the difference between night and day)

In reality it is not even close.

I've been there I ran on my own campaign against a union machine. I got very little support from the local party and even less from any special interest like a union.

This is just the way it is. Is this news? No, absolutely not.

If the GOP did a half way decent job of supporting local candidates you guys may never win an election!

capper said...

Gee, I wonder why Fred wouldn't get much support from the unions. Could it possibly, even remotely, have anything to do with him calling them thugs? He probably insulted their mothers, too.

Real Debate said...

You really are a child Capper.

The thing you fail to get is I never insulted your mother, I insulted you. And you deserved it, still do.

I called the union thugs in Madison thugs because that is what they were.

And my race was well before that ever happened.

Real Debate said...


I'm sorry about that, you have a good post here, I tried to comment and give the Democratic establishment a compliment for being so well organized, I wish my side cared a fraction as much about local races.

I can't go anywhere without Capper making things personal.

John Foust said...

The Jefferson County GOP hopes to recruit partisans for non-partisan races, too.

Real Debate said...

Fantastic John, I hope they achieve great success in that effort.

As a whole the left in this state (and I believe across the country) has done a much better job at that. In my county not only are they active in promoting candidates, but Progressive Majority Wisconsin was pushing for those in non-partisan races hard. Let me make it clear, there is nothing wrong with that. I wish my side was as organized and motivated as a whole as the left is. (Capper can back now and insult me again for saying his side does a better ob at this.)

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to prove be showing that one county is trying to turn that around. Hopefully more county GOP organizations will improve in the same manner.

capper said...

Just returning the favor, Dooley, just returning the favor.