Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Does it have legs? That's the question asked of any movie after its opening week. Can it hold its audience?

By any account 88 Minutes is going downhill. In its second weekend it did $3,593,890 on 2168 screens giving it a two-week total of $12,625,951. Pacino's thriller isn't benefiting from word-of-mouth.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall seems to have good legs in its second week. It pulled in $11,028,060 over the weekend on 2799 screens to give it a cumulative gross of $35,090,955.

Expelled did fairly well in its first week, especially since it only opened on 1041, screens but it doesn't seem to have legs. Its second weekend take was down to $1,394,940 for a two-week gross of $5,297,860. Given the nature of documentaries in general I think Expelled's light is starting to flicker. Given the subject matter of this picture I can't imagine the producers will be hoping that, somehow, it can grow legs.

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illusory tenant said...

a two-week gross of $5,297,860

Not one penny of which will be spent on actually trying to present evidence for "intelligent design theory."