Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Face In The Race

Kristin Wisnefske knocked on my door yesterday afternoon and asked for my vote in the Primary. She's running against John Waelti for Brett Davis' seat.

Here's her website and here is Mr Waelti's. Both have been added to the blogroll along with Rep Davis'.


Pontificator said...

I went to both websites...Clicked on Issues.

Neither of the two have any positions yet on issues?

Their positions are either Coming Soon or Under Construction.

Not a very good first impression.

grumps said...

I asked Kris specifically if the website was up and running because John Waelti's had been just a placeholder before.

I'm just putting up the links and letting the candidates do their own work. I'm not certain yet who I'll be voting for but I have an idea.

Anonymous said...

Based on your blogroll, looks like John Waelti! He's listed three times compared to Kristin's two.