Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whatcha Got Left?

You can tell how desperate a candidate is by what gets thrown against the wall in the last gasps of their campaign. The worst of the silliness gets slung as the flopping on the bank looks terminal.

Owen buys into the latest weirdness surrounding the floundering campaign of John McCain.

McCain all but dared Senator Obama to take a trip around the world to see how he would measure up there. Now that the Senator has taken him up on that dare, and taken the full glare of the media with him, McCain is left to whine that Senator Obama is getting all of the attention. What could McCain's team have expected? With a media cycle that cares more about the sizzle than the steak why would they have expected any coverage at all of their message of, "Same ol', same ol'?"

Now that Senator Obama is swinging back through our allies in Europe Owen joins the whiners.
Just in case you thought Obama was already the President on a foreign tour,
printed flayers in German (sic) for his appearance there. Clearly, this is a campaign event, which makes the slobbering media coverage all that more

"Printing flyers in German?" "How dare he?" This meme has been rattling around the nattersphere for two days. But the real fun starts in the B&S comments section.

Usually B&S draws a little better class of commentator than some of the others but the smearers are tasting blood this time. "He's pictured like a Communist," they cry. "No, a Nazi!" The heedless smears swoop down and circle one another in a resounding chorus of boobishness.

If this is what the McCampaign has left then they are truly doomed. John McCain has basked in the glow of soft-lit media attention for more than a decade. He's been The Maverick Who Strides The Center. Now that the attention has moved past him he grimaces and fumes and cries, "Foul."

It's sad to see him brought down to the level of the least of his supporters. But they'll be slinging mud long after this one is over.


capper said...

I've been saying this for a while, but...

The right have no choice but to go to desperate and ridiculous attacks on Obama, since they have nothing of substance to attack. And they can barely stomach their own candidate, much less promote him. This leaves them with nothing but flailing around like a carp out of water.

3rd Way said...

The heedless smears swoop down and circle one another in a resounding chorus of boobishness.

That was good.

Mr. FKD should switch out the banner at his "Real Debate" with some version of your phrase.