Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's A Horse Apiece

There are those who snicker and giggle because Troofer Barrett is running for Tammy Baldwin's seat but nuttery isn't limited to one party or another. The perpetually paranoid David Redick is running for the same seat on the GOP ticket.

Bruce has noted the update on his post. We can all just vote for the grownups and leave the conspiracy theorists to their own ramblings. It'll be okay.

Correction of my own: Troofer Barret is running for Ron Kind's seat in the House.

Update: Somehow, Redick couldn't muster the requisite signatures and Barrett decided he wanted to be a Libertarian instead of a D. You just can't count on anybody anymore.

Who is running in the 2nd? Check out page 2 of this 64 page pdf.

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