Thursday, July 31, 2008

Silver Buckles, Brass Huevos

It takes big ones to call someone else "presumptuous" or "elitist" while you're wearing $500 shoes.

I won't pretend for a minute that McCain's shoes have anything to do with his ability to run or not run this country. But they surely do say a lot about the way he's running his campaign of personal vilification against Senator Obama.


Anonymous said...

I wear $500 shoes. I do so because they are comfortable and last for years.

I can say that the wear I get from my shoes far exceeds cheap shoes.

Is this elitist?

Do you have a better argument?

Obama's elitism and sense of entitlement are readily apparent. McCain on the other hand seems quite aware of his failing – as are the rest of us.

You really do need to do better than this.

grumps said...

Dear, Anon. Work on your reading comprehension and come on back.

It's not about shoes.

It's not about flag pins or birth certificates or Paris Hilton.

It's about an overmatched candidate who is melting down right before our eyes. The latest Net ad from McCampaign will someday be refered to in classes on smears and innuendoes.

The race in '08 is between McCain and decency. The shoes are just a symptom.