Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh, Nertz!

I hate it when I agree with Jeff Wagner but there is no excuse for the Elkhorn School Board and the District Administrator getting involved in the political business of their employees.

Prior to the last election, Hensel sent out an e-mail supporting the
write-in candidacy of Paul Martell. In the e-mail, Hensen argued that the
incumbents had become entrenched and that it was time for "new people, new
blood". In other words, as political discourse goes, Hensel's e-mail was
pretty mild. [snip]

To that point, last week Hensel received a voice
from Elkhorn High School Athletic Director Dean Wilson.
Here's what Wilson had to say:

"Steve Hensel, this is Dean Wilson.
I didn't want to leave a message with this, I wanted to talk to you, but that's
not happening. Okay, a couple of things. Number one, as far as you
coaching 7th grade football, I got the word from Wescott [DIstrict Administrator
Greg Wescott] - and this is based on the Martell letter and the Carlsons things
- that he would not allow me to allow you to coach 7th grade football.
It's a loyalty thing and all of this stuff, and I talked to him about it and
argued with him and it was like, 'Nope, it's a done deal.' And I know how
much you enjoyed it and I know how good you've done because I like you coaching
kids. Anyway, that's where we are right now as far as the coaching

If the coach can't support whichever candidate then all candidacies are debased.

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Michael J. Cheaney said...

SOMEBODY CALL 9-1-1! Grumps fell and hit his head!

Just kiddin'

I don't know which is worse. The act itself or the attempted CYA.