Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Think I Know Why

For the record, I nominated Jack Fischer for Idiot Politician of the Week over at the Library and Pub. Let's face it. If you get to the point where the Irish think you're rambling you need to go and sit down.

I also don't know why he chose to hire a car instead of taking a taxicab. It may have been poor judgement. It may have been the proper choice under the circumstances. I don't have enough information to form a judgement or enough interest to find out.

But I do think I understand why some folks have their knickers in a twist over this. They know that bad things can come out of the back of limousines.

Updated: Limos make somebody else think about John Gard, too.


Daniel Cody said...

As I pointed out in the piece you linked to on my site, I think the picture you posted is what comes to mind when you hear "limo".

This is what the person in question actually rented.

Best choice? As you point out, I don't know either. But it's a far cry from disco lights and boozing it up in the back seat of a stretch.

Anonymous said...
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