Monday, July 28, 2008

What's The Hub-Bub, Bub?

There's a bit of giggling and sniggering on the right side about the refusal of Wisconsin Democrats to allow Debra Bartoshevich to be a delegate to the National Convention. The fact that she has said she would be supporting the other candidate for President, they say, should have nothing to do with anything.

Here is a news flash for those who think this should be big news. The parties pick their own candidates. They do that by their own rules. The Greens pick a candidate by holding a Druidathon. The Libertarians by holding a blimp race. The Republicans pick a candidate by deciding whose turn it is. The Democrats don't have an organized way to chose a candidate but they have every right to decide, as a party, who will be their nominee.

For those right-wingers who want to talk about exclusion I offer a couple of alternatives. Go ahead and write about the Washington County GOP making one of their candidates stand outside their big tent. (ht Owen) Or you can blog about Iowa's GOP making their Senior Senator stay off the floor at their very own convention. Apparently Senator Grassley wasn't deferential enough to the coalition which has seized control of the state party.

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