Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ben Writes About Dave Magnum And What Passes For Issues

From Badger Blues
Since he has previously
a desire to run a substantive, issue-based campaign (presumably
about issues other than where to hold some debates), I decided to look up where
Magnum stands on the issues. It’s not an easy task, since his campaign website
doesn’t mention of any of the things that have dominated our political discourse
for the past two years. Nothing on Social Security. Nothing on Medicare Part D.
Nothing on Iraq. Nothing about habeas corpus (although in the debate he
announced the “moderate” position of favoring a sunset provision for torture).
Nothing about tax cuts. Nothing about fiscal responsibility.

It was not always thus.Back in 2004, when the Republicans were not down 23 points
in the polls
, and when George Bush’s approval ratings were not in
the 30s
, Dave Magnum didn’t feel the need to separate himself so much from
the President. He was in favor
of privatizing Social Security
. He supported George Bush’s rejection
of new stem-cell research
. He supported the elimination of the estate tax.
He opposed a woman’s right to choose in almost all cases. He supported the war
in Iraq. He blamed the Republican budget deficits on “the recession”. He was a
conventional George Bush Republican.

Again, Dave Magnum, “moderate” (he says so himself!), wanted to
privatize Social Security.

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