Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do You Want To Know How To Do It Wrong?

Carrie has a list of the candidates willing to sign on to the failed theory behind TPA or TABOR or whatever other foolishness it'll be called this time. Eight straight years of failure and these folks are signing up for more.

Colorado is just only now starting to dig itself out from under the mess that TABOR has wrought in that state. I just got back from a long weekend in Boulder and can share one of the other effects of this mindset, the one that says, "Let's vote on it."

Next month the good people of Boulder will be asked to vote on no fewer than 19 ballot measures. They have their own version of the referendum to restrict marital rights and benefits alongside votes on annexations and bond issues.

Representative Democracy has been choked to death in Colorado by the forces of meaningless pledges. Votes that should have been taken by duly elected County Boards and School Boards and City Councils are stacked up like cordwood waiting to be burned off on election day.

Most voters struggle to understand the issues that separate one candidate from another beyond the top of the ticket. To expect them to offer informed votes on 20 referenda at a time is disingenuous at best and negligent at worst.

Take a look at the list of candidates willing to abdicate their judgment to campaigns of rancor and special interest money. Note that these candidates are willing to "Put it up for a vote," a vote that will be fought over by the same special interest money running ads in the two referenda measures in Wisconsin.

It's past time to vote for candidates willing to make the hard decisions in Madison. Election Finance Reform, School Funding Formulas and the future of our infrastructure are the needs of this state. It's past time to reject sloganeering and vote instead for some statesmen and women willing to do more than pander.

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