Monday, October 30, 2006



Jenifer Keach stood up and took the reins of the Coroner's department when the other two candidates were engaging in finger pointing and blame throwing. Keach is the single candidate not involved in enabling the behavior of the prior Coroner and has performed admirably in the office.

She deserves a full term in the office.

Updated to address comments: Haverly did blow the whistle after standing by, in her estimation, 25 times. Apparently, the first 24 didn't register with her as being wrong.

Coroner isn't about party-lines. We'd probably be better off with a paid Medical Examiner on a contract basis. Until then, Keach was there for Rock County when there wasn't much reason for her to do so. She doesn't deserve your vilification.


Anonymous said...

That makes no sense what so ever.

One of the two (Haverly) is the one that blew the whistle on Gilbertson.

You want to distance the county from Gilbertson, ask Keach if her ideas of burning confinscated drugs at her home, with a portable burner is a very good idea. Her response was she thought it would be safer than having the Sheriff do it. So not only is her idea stupid, her reasoning behind it is even more pathetic.

Routinely herself and her deputys showing up a hour and a half to scenes is not only slow but disrespectful, but hey I guess her clients are not going anywhere. I work in the Janesville area so it is even more troubling to see the putzing around this crew does.

Quit being a hack, just because it says Democrat with her name does not make her a good choice, give me a solid reason to vote for her and I would listen.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't answer the drug issue she had. Drugs were the Gilbertson issue, so distance is a relative term I see.

Don't give me Kreach was there for Rock County when there was no reason for her to be, unless she applied on a volunteer basis there is plenty of reasons she wanted the position, what I don't get is she was there for two months as an intern before Doyle gave her the job.

Don't vilifie her, tell that to other first responders, and family members when their loved ones sit and grow cold while we routinely wait for her or a deputy to get out there many times over a hour. I have done this for many years and it is getting slower and slower. Yes make the joke we always do to "They are not going anywhere." but have some compassion

Anonymous said...

Actually she did ask the Sheriff, the JPD, and every other agency. They all didn't want to touch it due to manpower issues, responsibility, etc... ask Runnas and Spoden they'll tell you. And when she was appointed by Doyle she was not working there, she had only applied for an internship. Then Gilbertson and Collins got arrested. Haverley was fired by Gilbertson that much is true. The county let it stand because of her almost 2 year knowledge and not reporting it. She herself was almost arrested, again ask Spoden and Runnas they'll tell you. The only reason she wasn't is because they were after the big fish and didn't wawnt to cause further embarrassment to the county. Get your facts straight. She's lucky she is still walking the street.