Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jess Gets All Philosophical On Us

This might be one of the strangest posts ever.
NY plane incident

So, we worried it might be a terrorist, and it was a New York Yankee. How weird is that?
(It was a coincidence, Jess. You've fixated on Kevin Barrett for so long that you're starting to sound like him. Not everything is a conspiracy.)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was the sole person aboard the plane that crashed Wednesday into a high-rise apartment building in New York, FBI officials told CNN.

Lingering question: How, exactly, did a plane - small or not - manage to crash into a NY building? (Um, it had a fuel problem, went off course out of control and freakin' crashed) Aren't we supposed to have people guarding against that now? (No. We're supposed to have people guarding our ports but the funding for that has been slashed by the Bush/Green bunch. They did it at the same time they were gutting funding for school security programs.) What if a terrorist DID commandeer a small plane? (They'd probably do about as much damage as this one did. Two dead [the pilots] and three apartments burned.)

Wouldn't anyone stop them? (Not unless JBvH got anti-aircraft guns for the RV. Yeah, that's it. Allow teachers to carry anti-aircraft guns. Go to work, Jess. Your posts get all paranoid and foolish when you post before you've talked yourself down.).

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Anonymous said...

"teachers to carry anti-aircraft guns." Classic.