Friday, October 13, 2006

What Do The Authors Say?

We can banter and bicker about what the second sentence of the Anti-Marriage Amendment means, but what does it mean to those who wrote the accursed thing?

“By putting 'substantially similar,' we're asking the court to step in.”
- Scott Fitzgerald in an interview on WIBA, March 17, 2004, when
asked if the second sentence would impact domestic partner benefits

“If there are lawsuits filed in regard to it, the lawsuits are going to
come down the way I'm stating they're going to come down and that's just the way the legislation's been structured and that's clear in the legislative intent as well as in the language.”

- MarkGundrum guaranteeing he knows how courts will rule on the second
sentence. Madison WISC-TV, Channel 3, Feb. 20, 2006

Sounds like pandering to activist judges and limiting the rights of all citizens to me. Wisconsin doesn't need this amendment to be strong. Vote "No."

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