Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It Looks As If Bill Connors Has His Work Cut Out For Him

Former City Administrator Bill Connors left us to become the Director of Continuing Legal Education for the State Bar of Wisconsin.

In a moderately related story Michael Horne, writing at Milwaukee World, says that some of Wisconsin's largest companies could benefit from Bill's tutelage.

It would be any CEO’s nightmare: Your General Counsel, entrusted with the
in-house legal department of your firm, tells you that you never really had a
legal attorney-client privilege agreement, and every negotiation you’ve
undertaken must therefore be revealed to your adversaries, who could hold you in
contempt. Your attorney could face sanctions for engaging in the unauthorized
practice of law, and disqualification all because he or she, for whatever
reason, never got a Wisconsin license despite working for years from a Wisconsin
office. A far fetched scenario? Hardly, according to a Milwaukeeworld.com

Among Wisconsin firms where the general counsel does not
appear to have Wisconsin licensure: such giants as Oshkosh Truck Corp., Briggs
& Stratton Corp., Sensient Technologies, Corp., and Robert W. Baird &
Co., Inc.

Check out the rest of the story here.

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Michael Horne said...

Thank you for reading my item and linking to www.milwaukeeworld.com It is curious that I haven't received a single call from any of the companies listed. I check daily to see if the attorneys have filed for Wisconsin licensure. I should have an update shortly as time permits.
Michael Horne
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