Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Bob Spoden has the experience and the rapport to lead the Rock County Sheriff's Department. He is both lawman and administrator while Scott Wasemiller lacks the experience to lead the cost-sink that the department has become into the future. Spoden is open to ways to save the county from its own bad instincts where the jail is concerned.

Wasemiller may be willing to discuss alternatives to the $60 million jail expansion but has no experience in leading such a project.

Prediction? Gary Keller siphons off enough of the "lock-em-up or shoot them" crowd to let Spoden cruise on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Sexual Harrassment (Spoden), New wave drug disposal (Keach). 2 for 2 for democrats here and absolutley no good reason why to choose these people.

Don't give a response of Spoden was not involved with any of this, because that the reason you gave not to vote for Haverley and Farrell was their being around the issue

Anonymous said...

Spoden is obviously the best man for the job. The trumpted up nonsense in the Gazette is about Runnas and they tried to swiftboat Bob into it. They both can't comment on the charges because they are bound by law not to. The paper only reported one side of the story, theirs. Rational people can see that it's wrong to condemn somebody that is not allowed to speak in their own defense.