Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Bureau Of ATF Gets An 'A'

Unfortunately, the grade was on the former director's nephew's homework assignment. Your CEO Administration at work:

The nephew's project — a documentary about the ATF that took 10 months to
complete — was one of a half-dozen examples of lapses in judgment Carl J.
Truscott committed before he resigned in August, says the report by Justice
Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine.

The report found that only the high school project demonstrated
mismanagement by Truscott, whose employees accused him of wasting federal funds, taking costly trips and creating a hostile work environment.

The man who recently departed as director of the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ordered his staff to help with his nephew's
high school homework.

An estimated 20 ATF employees were pulled in to help with the documentary,
spending dozens of hours on research, pulling film footage from the agency's
library and setting up interviews with Truscott and other officials in
Washington and Philadelphia.

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Anonymous said...

It’s funny how the media can twist and turn a fact around into a distorted story. It’s also funny how people choose to criticize others who have more power than themselves. Mr. Truscott was the best Director ATF ever had and its truly ashame the jealous few inside ATF caused the media to influence his retirement.