Friday, October 06, 2006

He Said. The He Said. Then She Said

Denny said:
"I saw Bill Clinton's adviser, Richard Morris, was saying these guys knew about
this all along," he said. "When the base finds out who's feeding this monster,
they're not going to be happy.... The people who want to see this thing blow up
are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros."

Then, later, he said instead:
"I only know what I've seen in the press and what I've heard. There's no
ultimate, real source of information, but that's what I've read. And that's what
I've heard in the press." Later, he said he believed that Democrats "don't have
a story to tell. And maybe they're resolving to another way to -- to -- another
political tactic."

Because They said to Denny:
"The Chicago Tribune interview last night--the George Soros defense--was viewed
as incredibly inept," a national Republican official said. "It could have been
written by [comedian] Jon Stewart."

But what did our own Miss Reliable say?

FRIDAY, Oct. 6, 2006, 12:42 a.m.

Authorities: Soros funded group allegedly sat on Foley emails for months and wouldn't cooperate with FBI Liberals are going to end
up snared in their own web.

Washington Post story:In subsequent days, unidentified Justice and FBI officials told reporters that the e-mails provided by CREW were heavily redacted and that the group refused to provide unedited versions to the FBI. One law enforcement official -- speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation -- also told The Washington Post the FBI believed that CREW may have received the e-mails as early as April and that the group refused to tell the FBI how they were
obtained.CREW is a liberal group funded by Soros. The group denies the

We can count on Jess to get to the story late and wrong.

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