Thursday, November 09, 2006

48 Hours Later

I did election night right. I assigned the class a three hour essay exam and spent the entire class time (between proctoring walks, of course) scoping the results off the coast. By 9 o'clock the first returns from the 80th had me giddy enough to consider running straight through to Brooklyn for the party and totals. By the time I got as far as the Pig it was close enough that I figured they didn't need me hanging around.

Here we are 48 hours out. The winners have been annointed with fragrant oils and spices (Did you see JBvH's hair? Fragrant oils. I'm tellin' ya.) The long knives have taken care of the wounded. (Anyone seen Mark Graul since 11 pm Tuesday?) Now it's time to take a quick look at some of the winners and losers from Tuesday night.


Unless he starts running amock in the halls of the DoJ he has to be the presumptive favorite in 2010 for a seat at the big table.

God, how I hate to say this but Fraley kept vH from stepping on his pecker for 8 weeks. After the primary there were no glaring Batman moments, no terrorists training at the Country Inn and Suites in Hayward. If he didn't spend Wednesday afternoon soaked in champagne, no one did.

Barbara Lawton
See notes for JB

Nancy Pelosi
She now has Rummy's distended manhood in a trophy case in her new office. May the Deity grant her the wisdom to never use the word "mandate."

Julainne Appling
I'm betting she will use the word "mandate" before Pelosi. Any takers?

Janis Ringhand
A 1% loss against an incumbent is a strong showing by any measure. She's earned another shot if she wants it.

Kim Hixson
This one ain't over yet. No matter the outcome he's done a great job in a tough race. See notes for Ringhand.


Kathleen Falk
14:58 and counting. Two statewide races. Two losses. That isn't building name recognition. It's getting branded.

Right-sided bloggers
Not all of them and not always but I'm sure a lot of them feel gut punched right now. My advice is to hold tight. Everything is infinitely flexible. Special condolences to Peter who saw it coming and could do nothing to stop it and to TC who is taking it harder than he should be.

Mark Green and John Gard
Each ran a pathetic campaign against a beatable opponent. Start calling them Butterball Popups. They're done.

Bryan Kennedy
Time to form a support group with Jeff Thomas and Dave Magnum. It's not going to happen, kids.

I just like to say it. Not only did they call it wrong but they're not figuring out why. It's fun to watch them writhe.

The Challenges

The Easy Part Is Over
It's time to govern, not to take revenge. That goes for both sides of the aisle.

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