Thursday, November 09, 2006

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Janis Ringhand and the voters of the 80th AD delivered a sharp message to Brett Davis on Tuesday. My thanks go out to her for the strong, clean campaign she ran. The final tally is 249 between the two.

I can only hope that Brett's attention turns back to the families of his district and away from the misguided leadersip in the Assembly. With a little luck, the sea-change in the Senate will serve to mitigate some of the foolishness that presents itself to the lower house.


slammer said...

Obviously my sources were wrong about the spread of victory for Mr. Davis. The Dems ran a tremendous campaign from local to Nation wide and really rallied their supporters, hats off to them.

The only thing I would question in your posting is using the word "clean"? I will have to respectfully disagree with you there, I honestly thought Grumps there would be a little more weel deserved celebration on the site here.

Walton said...

I would argue "equally clean" and very clean in comparison with most of the close races in Wisconsin (no Willie Hortons!).

I was actually going to blog my agreement with Slammer's post a couple weeks back about Janis' misrepresentation of Davis on a flyer -- but the day before I was going to post I got an almost identical flyer from the Davis camp that was the same layout with the same level of misrepresentation.

Karen Aikman said...

Am I the only one that received recorded calls from both Brett Davis' mother-in-law, and then a week or so later his wife, attacking Janis Ringhand and her supporters for attacking Brett?

I think 'equally clean' is fair.

mason braunschweig said...

I recieved no phone calls. I frickin' love vonage.

slammer said...

Davis mother-in-law and wife?? Holy crap, if I ever run for office you will get a call from my drunk uncle jim and my slutty 19 year old cousin mallory, and they won't be recordings. It will just be Jim telling you to vote for me or he'll kick your ass, and Mallory will call the men of the house and promise favors, that is how you rally the voters.

I will say that I did get the Davis letter as well, it was not even close to the name calling (women hater) crap Ringhad sent. If I was Davis I would have just pushing my positive campaign until the end.

Karen Aikman said...

Thanks for the warning! I guess if you run for office, I'll get Vonage!