Thursday, November 09, 2006

Out On A Limb (Revisited)

RDW is having a prognosti-contest. Here's what I posted.

Okay, Fred, here we go

Lehman +3 (Lehman won by 7)
Doyle +6 (Doyle by 7, not so far off)
Falk +9 (Um, mumble mumble JBvH by a smidgen 4/10ths)
Sensenbrenner +13 (Dammit) (Flyin' Jim by 26. I meant 13 per chin)
Ryan +19 (Double-dog dammit) (Ryan by 25 double, double dog)
Lieberman +6 over Lamont +31 over Schlesinger (+10 over Lamont, +40 over Sclessinger)
Senate D+1 (Looking good right now)
House D+4 (I must have dropped a digit. It's 43 right now with 10 to count>)

Just for giggles:
Robson +9 over Addie (Robson +23)
Towns +11 over Hixson (Right now the edge is six votes. I'm way off but hopeful.)
Brown +7 over Vinehout (I've never been so happy to be wrong, wrong, wrong)
Kreitlow +3 over Zien (Call it +2 and color me giddy)
Sullivan +6 over Reynolds (700 votes, like a schoolgirl, giddy)
Baldwin +22 over Magnum (It was 25. Not bad again)
Kohl +26 over Lorge (Um +38)
Kagen +3 over Gard (+2.4 now Johnny Boy can move his kids back to where their friends live)

Cardin +4 over Robinson (NC- Owen took on Jay instead)
Nichols +3 over McBride
Soglin +2 over Sykes (Soglin had Borat. Sykes had kittens. Advantage Soglin)

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Anonymous said...

13 per chin -- LOL!

Well done.