Thursday, November 09, 2006

All The Power Of The Internets Brought To Bear

Since the election is over it's time to get back to doing what bloggers do best; fart jokes.

Here's the headline from CharcoCaps Homeopathic AntiGas Formula:

Tackle Tailgate Flatulence Before the Next Game

No Pass is a Good Pass, When it Comes to 'Passing Intestinal Gas'
Most pre-game celebration fare -- hamburgers, baked beans and alcohol -- have a
tendency to trigger intestinal gas. Dr. Patricia Raymond, M.D.,
gastroenterologist and assistant professor at Eastern Virginia Medical
School, says "we all experience flatulence. Yet, we can get it under control
if we slightly change our diets -- even at a tailgate party."

Read her tips here.

1 comment:

slammer said...

Can this whole passing thing somehow get "passed" along to Mike McCarthy??