Saturday, November 04, 2006



Jim Doyle has mitigated the effects of the Thompson/McCallum deficits, held the line on school spending and taxes and minimized the damage of a John Gard-led Assembly. He's offended those who would turn back the clock on labor and consumer laws and, for that, has had to suffer one ad hominem attack after another. Time after time his actions have been shown to be above board.

He is not without faults. His lack of charisma means that he is not an energizing figure. It has been said that he refuses to compromise. So be it.

Congressman Green has voted time after time for huge deficits in Washington. Congressman Green has voted to choke the life out of the Constitution in the name of a spurious security. Congressman Green has been consistently on the wrong side of health issues for women and seniors. It's time for Wisconsin to give him a little private time.

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