Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quick Hits

Because time is tight right now.

Kathleen Falk should concede. There are not 8000 votes in play.

Michael Richards is an idiot. There is no excuse for his actions on stage Friday night.

To those who question Rangel's draft proposal..."Why do you hate America? Why won't you support our troops?"

Tommy, sit down. You're embarrassing us.

Nancy Pelosi is not mortally crippled by the Murtha vote. That's just wishful thinking.

Anyone who thinks the Republicans got moved to the sidelines because the party was not far enough to the right hasn't been listening to what they've been saying about Michael Moore.

The proposal to reinstate the draft will generate some good discussion and almost no votes. Bringing it back three years later is a purely political move by Rangel.

Nancy Pelosi needs to move Alcee Hastings, William Jefferson and John Moran to the back bench, and soon.

Don't forget your local charities over the next few weeks. They need your help as much as the better promoted nationals do.

CAmpaigns for the Spring elections start in earnest in 6 weeks. Enjoy!

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