Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are You A Busy Professional?

You might consider It's Just Lunch as a way to meet people you've not come across in your hectic life. They'll make the introduction and the arrangements to get you the exposure and experience you've been seeking.

Or you might take a try at 8 Minute Dating if you really don't have the time to spend and you need to meet a lot of people fast. That way you can say you've met them and really, really gotten to know them, maybe even look deeply into their eyes.

But the latest way for all of the happening kids to meet new people is to have your boss introduce you at a business meeting. Then you can, at least, tell everyone how many new people you met.
Republican candidate John McCain plans to introduce the Alaska governor to
heads of state at the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, although specific
names weren’t yet firmed up.
I can hardly wait to see the spin come off of this. Do you suppose she'll tell Putin, "I can see Russia from Alaska, you know?"

John Stewart is right. Palin must have won a contest on McCain's website to get this gig. There's no other reason for someone with this little experience to be playing on the big stage.

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