Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Okay, Now I Get It

Sarah Palin's single qualification for the Vice-Presidency is that her daughter is preggers. Don't blame me for that. Sean found the source.
However, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and
Bristol Palin is that reaction. Sarah Palin now has the capability of being what
Hillary Clinton claimed to be — a hero of the blue collar working

Sarah Palin is a working mom with five kids who managed to become
Governor of her state. Now Palin has been confronted with the great fear, and
for many, the difficult reality of a pregnant teenage daughter. Sarah Palin
lived by a code and tried to have her kids live by it as well. Did she

Maybe she did. But as many parents know, you do the best you can
with your children.

We have officially slipped into the Bizzaro World of Republican politics. John McCain is running as Jon Lovitz performing as Tommy Flanagan. All of the teen pregnancy/lobbyist connection/adultery/marry the heiress allegations are just meant to humanize McCampaign and show that they aren't perfect.

The Republicans can't even bring themselves to give lip service to the man who was he son of a single mother, who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and got a law degree, a man who gave back to his community rather than cashing in at a big law firm. All of the things the Republicans once claimed to have held dear they're now willing to throw in the gutter to get John McCain elected.

John McCain wants to win an election so badly that he's willing to put, as second in line, a woman who doesn't really think about Iraq, who lets the Fed deal with the Alaska National Guard, who's only in politics for the pork. John McCain is willing to sacrifice the safety of our country to win an election. I think it's time for us all to question his judgement.


elliot said...

Much of what you're saying is right, Grumps.

But in this election, I don't think either side has a corner on hypocrisy.

The stuff the guys at Kos put out about Palin is as slimy as anything they've ever accused Right-wing operatives of doing.

Real Debate said...

Shame on you Jim.

I really didn't think you would stoop this low.

grumps said...

Spare me your concern, Fred. You might conceivably have a leg upon which to stand if you'd shown a whif of compassion in the Edwards' dilemma.

You stood up on your hind legs and howled about Hillary whoring out Chelsea. You have been on every hint of personal failing like crows on roadkill. Now, Sean posts something upon which I comment and you dance in here with your concern?

McCain has supposedly set a "trap" for Liberals. He's brought in someone inexperienced to lead an "experience trap." He's brought in someone with just a hint of taint to spring a "corruption trap." He's brought in someone who apparently thinks the Pledge of Allegiance was written contemporaneously with the Constitution to make people pick on her so he can spring the "sexism trap."

John McCain's tendency to shoot from the hip has brought to his campaign a candidate so singularly unfit for the office that people will long for the good old days of John Nance Garner.

McCain would rather win an election than do what's best for his country. That's the "politics as usual trap" and he's sprung it on us all.

Real Debate said...

Chelsea is a college graduate Jim. She's an adullt, and no one said a word about her until she hit the campaign trial making her a viable target.

It does not surprise me though that you would ignore those realities.

You have lost your freaking mind.

What compassion did Edwards deserve afyter lying to us?

You and yours are going after kids. Your own guy Obama said lay off, shame on you for ignoring the Chosen One.

You are as evil and out of control as the rest of them.

You don't give a rats ass who you destroy as long as you get your way.

Liberal tolerance and compassion my ass.

grumps said...

Fred, Fred, Fred. Calm down. You're going to pop something.

I can tell by your crack about Edwards and your defending the Chelsea bashers that you really don't have a clue what you look like in print.

Go back and re-read, Fred. I'm not the one who tossed Bristol Palin out in front of McCampaign. That foul deed rests solely on the shoulders of McCain and his handlers. I was one of the first to say that Bristol's belly has nothing to do with Palin's lack of qualifications. It's incumbent on the Right to keep as much attention there as possible to try to make Palin at least moderately sympathetic as all the rest comes out.

I linked to Sean's link to someone else making the oberservations, Fred. That's how this blogging stuff works. Palin is being used to job the Social Conservatives. Put the blame on McCain, Fred. He brought it on himself.

As for your name-calling. Keep in mind that this isn't RDW where you can do as you please. Watch your tone and temper, Fred and maybe we can have some real debate.