Friday, September 12, 2008

This Might Be The Single Silliest Idea I've Ever Heard

Let me get this straight. You want a small army of people off the street to start rifling through not only the voter rolls, which now contain birth date information thatnks to the pinheads in Washington. And then you want those same volunteers to have access to the DOT records with all of our personal information on them.

Are you out of your minds? This is not just a blatant voter caging maneuver but the single biggest invitation to identity theft ever. Even AG Goodhair isn't this stupid. Is he?


Real Debate said...

No jim, the dumbest this is a government accountability board not being held accoutable...

Why do you lefties want vote fraud anyway?

1 in 5 has been bogus so far and you are fine with that?

Seriously, just admit it, you want cheating.

Real Debate said...

BTW Jim, any old idiot from ACORN has access to that data, where has your concern over indentity theft been from there?


Other Side said...

What does this have to do with voter fraud you numbnuts? Even Van Hollen knows fraud is not part of the equation. He is simply trying to gum up the works hoping to find a few i's not crossed and t's not dotted.

Jeebus Fred, could you be any more dense?

capper said...

No, Tim, he couldn't be. No one could be.

Other Side said...

After readng the post and some comments at BS, apparently Owen doesn't care.

Frankly, I think that inconveniencing a few people is a price worth paying to help secure our election system.

Yeah, and the opportunity to get your greedy litte hands on personal info is irresistible, right Owen, Fred?

I would like to note, too, that Owen's altruistic invite to lefties to do a little peeking has not been greeted with a single "yes."

Real Debate said...

Capper, go screw yourself.


We have idiots hired by ACORN turning in ballots with a 20% failure rate.

Those people can easily steal identity info I ask where is Jim's concern on that?

Absent as is yours.

Other Side said...

And ACORN has been turning the people in who have sent in false registrations.

Your concern regarding personal identification is completly misplaced and another example of your propensity for faux outrage.

Anyone filling out a voter registration card is doing so of their own free will. I don't recall gving you permission to look at my personal identification at the DOT.

Big difference.

Other Side said...
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Other Side said...

Oops. Posted the above comment twice.

capper said...

But Fred, Owen nor any other righty speak of the bogus absentee ballots sent out by Team McCain. That is actively attempting to defraud the election.

Of course, to your average right wing nut job, election purity only means letting angry white men vote.

capper said...

Oh, and Fred...

Very witty comeback. Who wrote it for you?

grumps said...

Fred, don't be a dope.

The voter rolls by themselves do not have a 22% failure rate. There is a 22% mismatch rate between the two lists.

My concern is that people who registered before birth dates were required have been told they were not registered. My concern is that college students have been told they cannot vote where they go to school. My concern is that people who have changed address may be turned away at the polls and our AG is lying to them about their options.

Fred, go and learn about the voter fraud. Learn about vote caging and stop it with the insults. This isn't RDW.