Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Questions. Still More Questions

If we're all supposed to treat Bristol Palin's pregnancy as a non-issue, and I agree we should, why in the world is McCampaign flying Levi Johnston around as a campaign prop? Are they so desperate to draw attention to their convention that they're willing to throw this 18 year old out in front of the Press Corps?

What's the over/under on "POW" tonight? How about "9/11?"

If the Republicans knew that they couldn't fill up the Excel Center why didn't they book someplace smaller that they could jam to the rafters? Was the Burnsville VFW booked?

Will Tucker Bounds last longer with McCampaign than Sarah Palin? Do you suppose he's thought of an answer for Campbell Brown or is still flopping his lower lip and hoping the beating stops soon?

When does Joe Vogler get his 15 minutes in the white-hot spotlight and what will he say when he does?


Real Debate said...

So let me get this straight.

Ignore Obama's connections to the felon Rezko, the terrorist Ayers, and the racist Wright and concentrate on Baby Daddy.

Priorities of hate, gotta love it.

grumps said...

Fred, work on your reading. you can't just skim and comment.

Yes. Levi Johnston's name is in the post. I'm trying to show that he has absolutely nothing to do with the Presidency of the United States. It's there to show how cynical McCampaign has become.

And you're lapping it up.

Real Debate said...

Nice try Grumpie. I read the whole post.

And BTW if you would an answer to Campbell, try this one from Erick Erickson.

Campbell, you are missing the point. It's not just that you were pestering the McCain campaign about the National Guard in a clear effort to bait and trap the campaign when you already had the information and could report it instead of toying with the campaign. It's that you did this after days and days of recounting, with delicious zeal, the Bristol Palin story -- pretty much going into every detail in an effort to say it really isn't something that should be talked about.

If you looked like you were trying to be fair and balanced, as opposed to loving the story, maybe we'd cut you some slack.

But since you seem to enjoy going into all the family details of the Palin family, etc., etc., etc., I'm wondering if you'd mind if I point out that your dad is a felon, having ripped off Louisiana citizens, committed insurance and mail fraud, and been found guilty of conspiracy.

Can we go into your family details too? No? Why? Because you aren't running for public office?

Well, neither is Bristol Palin.

grumps said...

Fred, we're trying to talk about the candidate here. Why do you keep dragging a 17 year old into it?

You're kind of making my point in your own way. Don'tcha think?

Let's talk about Joe Vogler. Let's talk about the Alaska National Guard. Let's talk about Joel's Army. Let's talk about $27 million dollars in earmarks to a town of fewer than 10,000 including $15 million to build a light rail system to Ted Steven's Veco-built house in Girdwood. Let's talk about lawyering up in Troopergate and filing an ethics complaint against yourself in an effort to derail the special prosecutor. Let's talk about being for the Bridge to Nowhere, then being against it but building the road up to it and then spending the money on other projects while trying to look like you're a reformer. let's talk about campaigning with Ted Stevens and sitting on the board of his 527.

Why are you so obsessed with Bristol Palin?

Other Side said...

Freddie and Erickson play the conservative game of diversion too well. Don't answer the question - move the discussion to something more favorable to their ears.

Also known as feckless thinking.

btw: Bristol's mother is, though, and she brought it up.

Anonymous said...

Tucker's evasion piqued the interest of the Anchorage Daily News, so it set out to find out exactly how many orders Gov. Palin has issued to the Alaska National Guard. Answer: Zero.