Friday, September 19, 2008

Sauce For The Goose

It's a shame this won't play out to the end.
AUSTIN [TX] – Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr is
forcing a legal showdown in the Texas Supreme Court to keep the names of Barack
Obama and John McCain off the November ballot.

The issue is whether both parties missed a state deadline to
certify the names of their presidential and vice presidential candidates for the
ballot. The attorney general is arguing the law was followed and that the
secretary of state has discretion on the ballot and its

Third parties have struggled for years to get on ballots across the country. If Texas has these rules in place then the D's and R's should be looking at a write-in show-down.

Too bad it ain't happenin'. There's more. Go read it.

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Anonymous said...

The irony is the Texans may have no choice in the end. The 2000 Supreme Court ruling that out Bush in office ties their hands so to speak.