Friday, September 05, 2008

Klein Was LiveBlogging- Somebody Should Explain That To The Candidate

11:04 It would be nice if McCain would release a comprehensive list of
things I should, and should not, do for my country. Yes to becoming a teacher,
no to being in a teacher's union. Yes to fighting, no to community organizing. I
need some sort of pocket guide.

11:01 It's testament to the pain of McCain's experiences that his
story remains powerful even after such relentless overuse. But can it change

10:49 I'd sort of forgotten what a bad speaker McCain is. I'd call it a
collection of one liners, but it's more a string of lonely clauses. There's no
overarching theme or message. The speech doesn't build, and thus the applause
doesn't carry it along. Instead, it punctuates it, exhausting the force of
McCain's words and forcing him to start all over on the next

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