Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Music- She Spent The Money Anyway Edition

In honor of Sarah Palin who kept the money for the Bridge to Nowhere to spend on other projects but, OOHH and it's a dandy, she spent the money to build the road to the beach where the bridge would have gone rather than let it go back to the Federal Government.
Meanwhile, work is under way on a three-mile road on Gravina Island,
originally meant to connect the airport and the new bridge. State officials said
last year they were going ahead with the $25 million road because the money
would otherwise have to be returned to the federal government.

That's right. She pissed the money away after the project was dead rather than let it be spent where it was needed. This is NOT reform, kids. This is business as usual.

It's no wonder the R's want to talk about her kids.


Mark Schnepper said...
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Mark Schnepper said...

Why do they have to seclude her in VEEP school for a month or so?

Couldn't they send her out to take reporters questions, go on meet the press,etc. with Lieberman by her side to whisper the correct answers in her ear when she gets it wrong? Seems to have worked for the top of the ticket.