Monday, April 10, 2006

A Candidate Who Can't Say Anything Wrong

New Orleans has a popular R&B star running for mayor. He's nationally known. He's immensly popular. His campaign will be funded by the people and not by lobbies. He has only one drawback that anyone can see. He's been dead for five years.

Ernie K Doe, owner of the Mother-In-Law Lounge and singer on the hit of the same name is running for mayor of New Orleans. Funds raised in the campaign will be used to rebuild the Katrina-gutted nightclub.

When asked if he would support the singer's widow in her effort to rebuild in New Orleans, fellow politician F Jim Sensenbrenner said, "New Orleans is already as rebuilt as it needs to be. She should be raising funds to build a wall in the Gulf. Yeah, that's it an underwater wall. I gotta go."

Jessica McBride thinks that Ann Nischke can beat K-Doe, if only she takes McBride's advice.

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