Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Public Wants Campaign Reform- John Gard, Not So Much

Remember how it hurt when a friend turned her back on you in grade school and started playing with new friends? That's how the supporters of a Campaign Finance Reform Bill must feel right now. John Gard is playing with his new friends from Washington and doesn't really care about his duties now.

It looks as if Mike Ellis' bill will die in the Assembly without being brought to a vote, perhaps without any discussion according to a story in the Wisconsin State Journal this morning. The story says;
Assembly Speaker John Gard, R-Peshtigo, was noncommittal Wednesday when asked
about whether he planned to schedule a vote on the bill. Gard, who is running
for Congress and is not seeking re-election to his Assembly seat, said he is
leaving it to his caucus to decide whether they want to amend the rules under
which they'd be required to live.

Just a short time remains in the Assembly's session and the Republicans seem more interested in pounding on the corpse of TPA than trying to fix campaign financing. Gard said, "There's a lot about the bill a lot of people don't like. What I'm trying to find is a way to get 50 votes for it. It's a work in progress, but today we didn't talk about it," according to the Journal.

So there he is, too busy to lead and suffering from Senioritis, Gard continues to collect his salary without feeling obligated to bring an acceptable bill to a vote while he struggles to be Dick Cheney's senator.

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