Monday, April 03, 2006

Mark Your Calendar In Red- This Won't Happen Often

It won't happen often. I agree with Bob Dohnal, Publisher of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest.

Dohnal questions the pre-primary State GOP endorsement of John Gard for Congress in violation of the GOP Constitution. Dohnal states that the Good-Old-Boys network has ordained Gard without considering the effect on the general election.

He believes that Terri McCormick stands a chance to beat Nancy Nusbaum and retain Mark Green's seat for the Republicans. He doesn't believe that John Gard can claim the same.

The Democrats are going to have a field day beating up on Gard about his
connection in the Scott Jensen/Steve Foti caucus scandal.

GardÂ’s ability to win is questionable. Legislative leaders have an abysmal
record in getting elected. How many have moved up to higher office,
statewide or nationally?

Polls have shown Gard to be very unpopular. In a poll conducted through the
Wisconsin Conservative Digest in 2005, Gard only received 2 to 3 percent support
in his bid for Governor. The poll was taken of the leading GOP people across the
state — 5,000 total, with an impressive 45 percent return. Gard obviously saw
the same numbers and he dropped out of the race.

Dohnal places blame for this usurpation of public choice directly at the feet of party head Rick Graber.

And who is Graber to do this? His record is abysmal. According
to my count he is 0-12 in key statewide races where a Republican win was needed.
We donÂ’t even have candidates in many important races. Where is our candidate
against Herb Kohl for U.S. Senate? GraberÂ’s gang has never fielded a strong
challenge to any of the Democrat congressman and blew the last governor's

What has caused this dilemma? Is Graber, head of a lobbying firm in debt to
Gard for help he has received for his clients? Do the others really believe that
Gard is the best candidate, or is it just cronyism for the Milwaukee/Madison
people to control the 8th district vote?

Somehow, the party whose rallying cry has been, "Let the people decided," have decided that the people shouldn't have a chance. John Gard is Mark Green's and Dick Cheney's pick. That's enough for Washington, and apparently enough for the voters of the 8th District.

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