Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Little Carnival That Could

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a little Blog Carnival named the Carnival of the Badger. The CoB was very sad because no one had offered to take it in and make it feel at home that week.

No one came forward to make the Carnival their veriest own and the carnival went looking for someone to take it in. He went looking way up north to the PurpleSlog looking for a piece of history on his own. "Can you take me in and make me your own?" said the little Carnival.

PurpleSlog looked upon the Carnival in a kindly way. "I fear that I cannot for I have a quest to complete on my own. Have you tried looking within your heart to find out where you belong?" And he went back to seek the answer to his questions.

The little Carnival was confused. "How can I look within my own heart to find a place to call home this week?"

But he sat down beside the track and looked deep into himself for the answers to his own questions. He recalled Nick, a man who had given a home to Carnivals in the past, a good man and found himself there with him. "Can you answer my question, Nick? Can you help me?"

But Nick was searching for answers of his own. "Jenna's words have sent me on a quest to find White Privelege and I fear that I cannot help you this time. If I find someone I will tell you as soon as I can" and he disappeared into the mists wearing running shorts and a casual fleece, the perfect outfit for voting.

Just as the little Carnival was set to give up on finding a home Fred came out of the mist that Nick had just faded into. "Oh, Fred. Can you please help me? Do you have time to take in a little Carnival?"

But Fred kept walking. "No, My Friend. I'm on a mission to the mall. Mrs RDW has sent me out to shop with a purpose and I must go. I'm sure that something will turn up for you if you believe hard enough. Have you told Aaron you're looking for a place to call your own?"

"I wasn't sure that Aaron wanted me to tell," the little Carnival sniffed.

"I'm certain that he wants you to tell. Go see if you can find him. I think he's over by the photo shop."

The little Carnival sighed as Fred walked away. He might as well give up but that was against his nature. Would a miracle come to save him? He turned to head back home. "I know someone will want me. I know they will," he kept repeating. "I know it. I know they will."

Just then the Little Carnival saw Nick again, running to catch him. He slowed to let Nick catch up. "What's going on, Nick. I thought you were on a quest."

Nick caught his breath and said, "I was thinking about some sh... about some cra...about some things that have been bothering me. I'll bet that if you go see grumps he can help you. Go now and go fast. It's very late and I doubt there will be many there ahead of you," and he picked up his pace once more.

So the little Carnival headed over to The Happy Circumstance to see grumps. The doddering old man was about to turn in for the night since it was already half-past American Idol but he held the door for the little Carnival. grumps made chicken soup and chocolate for the little Carnival and tucked him into a feather bed. "Let me tell you a story, Carnival. it will help you sleep.

"Once upon a time there was a kindly old woman..." But the Carnival was already dreaming that someone else would take him in next week.

Will you make that dream come true?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the deadline.

I've been really busy.

(OK, I've been playing my new Xbox 360 nearly 24 hours a day. I'm a bad, bad man.)

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