Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Stuff You Take For Granted

My Grandmother is an incredible woman. She's 102 and just signed a two-year lease on her apartment. One of my co-workers said we should be thankful she didn't sign a 30 year mortgage. I wouldn't put it past her.

My son's girlfriend went along a few weeks ago to visit her and then the kids went out to do something else. She told my son that she'd never talke d with anyone that old, had never met anyone that old. My son told her that she'd always been that much older but you'd never know it.

When my boys were born my grandmother was 77, not so very many years older than my Mother is now. She seemed to be the very picture of old. Now, at 102, not so much. She keeps her mind sharp by playing three games of cards every night but Monday. Monday night is set aside for Scrabble.

I've always counted on my Grandmother to remember who did what when or when something happened and to whom. I suppose my grand-daughter will look at me the same way someday. The old guy who keeps repeating the same stories. If I'm as spunky as my Grandmother, if I can make her boyfriend say, "I never met anyone that____." I'll have done my job.

Call your Grandmother tonight. Ask her one question that only she can answer. It'll do both of you some good.


Anonymous said...

I'd need a Ouija board to call any of my grandparents. My family is not as genetically blessed as yours.

Anonymous said...

I feel incredibly blessed to have the family that I have. I would call someone in my family, but Grandma's playing Scrabble, and everyone else goes to bed early!