Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm Row "K", You're Row "K"

One of the many pleasures of being married to the lovely Mrs Circumstance is her love of theater. Each year we may attend three or four movies but we get to live theater 8 or 10 times a year. We just mailed a check to APT. We've had season tickets to Madison Rep. We patronize Lancaster Community Players twice each year and take in High School drama when we can. It's a Show Tunes kind of house around here.

I tell you that to tell you this.

Last Sunday we went with J&C to see The Music Man at the Fireside in Fort Atkinson. It's a food and a show playhouse with professional actors. The show was wonderful. I highly recommend it. The food was very good, if priced a little high. If that's what it takes to stage a big budget musical, so be it.

I went outside for the intermission, as I often do, and happened to overhear an amazing conversation.

Young Woman: It's not that I don't like plays. I do. It's
just not doing it for me. I'm not getting into it.
Older Man: You understand what's going on, right? He's a con man and
he's not going to teach them to play.
YM: Yeah. I get that. It's just not my kind of thing.
Older Woman: I think it's so cute. They took it almost exactly
word-for-word from the movie.

At that point I headed back inside. I just wonder if she thinks all stage works come from the Silver Screen. It's an interesting world.

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