Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jessica McTizzy In Full Spin Mode

Jessica McBride is spinning like crazy this morning. After predicting an overwhelming victory for Ann Nischke McBride is scrambling for someone to blame for the failure of Waukesha residents to follow her lead. This morning she's found out who is responsible for Nischke's defeat by Larry Nelson.

It was Democrats. (I'll give you a oment to catch your breath before I continue.)

McBride chastises Nelson for taking campaign donations from Democrats. She rails about the turnout of Democrat volunteers to get out the vote. She laments that F Jim and Tommy T didn't get in the fray to deflect the rampant partisanship. (Huh?) She even takes to task the Journal Sentinel, which endorsed Nischke, for not whining as much as she does.

There is a lot of neener-neener and nanny-boo-boo going on this morning across the state. Some of it passes as analysis, some is merely in-your-face-happy-dancing. McBride, a teacher who hates teachers, a journalist who hates journalists, a populist who hates people who don't take her keening advice, has set the bar prety low for election day wrap-ups.

I can hardly wait for the Nixonian moment when she declares that we won't have Pistol Packin' Paul to kick around anymore.

Update: She's spinning full time now. This time it's about the referenda on the war in Iraq. In a piece peppered with "except for, " "disregarding," and "if you leave out,"s McBride says that black is white, that up is down, that Wisconsin really vote for war. McBride attacks Lefties, the media, peace groups, the referendum process and our intelligence in a shrill bid to draw attention from the facts. She becomes less consequential with each post.

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