Saturday, April 22, 2006

Giving The People What They Want

The tizzysphere is in the middle of their weekly uproar. It seems that Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots PAC has seen an upsurge in donations as the President's approval ratings have plunged.

The realization is building, however slowly, on the right that Feingold is getting traction on these issues are trying to smear him with ephemeral allegations that somehow these donations are morally suspect. They don't realize that it's just a case of giving the people an outlet for their anxiety and rage over the actions of this administration.

As contributions grow and sources widen it will be harder to dismiss Feingold as an outsider.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll have to eat my words, but Feingold makes Howard Dean look electable.

Raising money from the true believers is one thing.

Winning a national election is something else entirely.

slammer said...

The Feingold divorce(s) I have a feeling will comeback to bite him in the ass, he should have just gone Tommy Thompson on the whole thing.